Sunday, June 10, 2012


I love watching nature go about its thing.
The seasons seem to change so effortlessly.
Nothing resists the order of things.
A few weeks ago I took this picture of these beautiful leaves.
I had been watching them change colour and fall off for a while.
I knew if I did not take a picture soon I would miss out.
When I looked out of the window early this morning I saw that the tree was completely bare and I felt the icy cold of winter reach within my bones.
And yet I am reassured because I know my garden will sprout green leaves again and I look forward to it while enduring this cold and appreciating the beauty of my drab looking trees.

Things are so different in our lives though.
We don’t like change.
We worry about what we might lose.
We’ve all experienced a time in our lives when things were not going as planned.
But when we look back on our lives objectively we realise that things worked out even though it might not be exactly as we planned it.

Seeing our lives in this way may help us understand that being attached to what we believe to be secure or what we need can in fact limit us instead of opening us up to new possibilities. Sometimes holding on to something prevents us from enjoying everything we have been given.

And I live with the knowledge that what I so desire will come to being when I am ready to receive it. Just as I know for sure that bare tree will have green leaves again.