Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beyond the Silence

When women get together something special happens.
They share, they laugh, they learn, they grow.
They share their triumphs and their joys.
They laugh about their mistakes.
They celebrate the lessons learned.
Beyond the Silence
High Tea

Deborah Ho-Chung

Beyond the Silence - High Tea is a gathering of women having a tea-party while Deborah shares her personal story intertwined with the facts about child sexual abuse. In sharing her story Deborah hopes to help break down the barriers of denial, shame and silence that surrounds child abuse while facilitating dialogue that offers hope, educates and creates an awareness about how devastating child abuse can be. As parents it is our duty to learn how to protect our children.

TAG Hall,  Westlea Bowling Green,  Crn Fuel Rd and Hay Ave,  Coronationville

Saturday, 18th August 2012 at 14h30

Donations are welcome to help cover the costs.

Seats are limited. Booking is essential.
Please email - to make sure you are on our guest list.

For more info please contact Deborah.

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