Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Abuser

I want to give up being a grown-up for just a week
I want to be 8 years old again
I want to think that the Wimpy is a 5 star restaurant
I want to walk barefoot through a mud puddle
And throw stones just a few meters
but believe they have travelled into the far blue yonder

I want to believe that the most important things to learn in life
is the colours
and multiplication tables
and nursery rhymes

I want to believe that anything in life is possible
and that I will be an airhostess when I grow up
I want to trust everybody
And believe that nobody will do me any harm
I want to live in a time where a hug and a smile
and a gentle voice made everything right

For just one week I do not want to worry about
my bond repayments
my credit card bills
my overdraft and doctors bills

For just one week
I want to resign from being an adult
and be 8 years old again…

I want my childhood back!

Photo - taken in my garden


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie so nyc 2 see NANA.S PIC here.take care .ur coloured cousin.Malisha