Tuesday, January 20, 2009


One of the things in life I have lots of difficulty with
as a result from my childhood sexual abuse is TRUST...
and I find that I often second guess peoples motive
when they do something for me...

"What do they want from me" is always my first reaction
I have to consciously take a step back from those thoughts and
remind myself that I no longer need to "protect"
myself from people... and that those close and dear to me
offer support that is given with complete love
without expecting anything in return
They help me for no other reason
simply because of the intensity of their caring

And I have found that
giving words of thanks in a heartfelt manner
is one of the best ways to return their kindness
I have to connect with the energy of my heart
when I convey my gratitude
and I have to accept in the same way
in which I have received the gifts
—without expecting anything in return

Saying thanks from my heart is the only way I am able to
let my loved ones know the true depth of my appreciation

And there is so much I need to be grateful for in my life...

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