Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Step at a Time...

It is only when we are willing to listen to our self
and be fearless
that figuring out our next step becomes easy...

Underneath the fear, hesitation and uncertainty
lies our inner knowing that always knows
which step we need to take next...

Our lives are made up of a network of pathways
that we can choose to move from one phase of our lives to the next...
Some of us have smooth clearly marked paths
While others have more difficulty in seeing their way clearly

But ultimately we always know whats right for us
only we know which path to choose
but we need to tune into our inner voice
Our inner council...
And THAT...
is the difficult part

We need to make time for ourselves
we need to be still and tune in to our inner council
our little voice
our dreams
our passions
because those are the things that light up the way of our paths in life...

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