Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Actions Speak Louder...

Why is it that sometimes when someone wants something
their actions seem to tell a different story?
It's like when someone wants better health
but they end up working too hard and not having time for gym...

Someone else might want a loving relationship
but instead they spends most evenings watching television...
Another person may want their own business
but they end up staying in a job that's safe....

Unconscious motivations drive behavior
It's not that they are not motivated –
it's just that their motivation is pushing them in a different direction

So how do we fix that?

We have to become aware of those unconscious motivations
and of what's really driving our life
Then we have to rid ourselves of old limiting beliefs
that are keeping us from our true desires

Only when we are in that new space of clarity and freedom
are we able to allow new possibilities to emerge in our lives

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