Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pity Party

We all have days when the bad things seem to outweigh the good ones
and we begin to think that life is not fair...

We begin to feel like the victim destined for a terrible life
and most of the thoughts that run through our mind
at that stage are not helpful
and they mainly make us feel even worse
and powerless

When I have a terrible day
I make sure I find some time and place to
wallow in my feelings so I can process them
I find that it's very important not to pretend that I am fine
when I am not...
It is very necessary to fully express my emotions
and not feel guilty... or ashamed...
I also find that it helps when I write down my feeling

A definite no-no is to dwell on unpleasant experiences
and avoid holding on to negative emotions
When we indulge in self-pity we only make a bad day worse
My advice is to stop feeling sorry for yourself
get rid of the idea that you are a victim
and focus the good that exists in your life....

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