Sunday, April 8, 2012

Winter Wonderings

Nature has a way of forcing us to toe the line.
Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching and I find myself
spending more time indoors curled up and covered up.

This usually leads me to becoming introspective.
It also gets me thinking about ways I can change my life and put my dreams into being.
And I find this exciting.
Autumn here in South Africa also happens to coincide with Easter.
A time of rebirth.
A time of second chances.

But then fear grabs a hold of me.
Self doubt steps in.
And the voice of my inner critic becomes louder.

And inevitably I end up hibernating the winter away.
Wasting time...
Or is it?

Maybe it’s a time for me to stop doing so much
A time for taking stock
A time to start focusing my limited energies on one thing at a time

What I do know is that I need to be my number one supporter.
I need to believe in myself.
Accept myself and ignore the voice of my inner critic.
I also need to understand that my mistakes have been opportunities for me to learn and grow.
And growing is life...

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