Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great expectations...

I did not expect to find the plant in the photo above
growing out of a crack in a rock
But it happens and it is possible
My expectations of plants is that they will only grow in fertile soil
Not so....
The picture above is proof of that

And just so we tend to limit ourselves
because we expect the things in life that our brains think about
and what we think about... we attract
So the more we think about what we expect
the greater the likelihood that those expectations will be fulfilled

When we expect something exciting to happen in our lives
we feel exited....
And when we expect something bad to happen
we feel anxious...

Our expectations have an effect on our emotions
Our emotions influence our attitude
Negative expectations will result in negative emotions
which could lead to a negative attitude
which will inevitably attract a negative result...

So... I have decided to have great expectations
and I will be ready to receive it when it comes...
because I know it will...

Photo - taken in the hills above Hartebeespoort Dam

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